30 Days of Band of Brothers

Day 23- Character You Relate to the Most

I’ve actually put this one off for a few days, because I have a hard time with it. It feels presumptuous of me to compare myself with any of these men.

I’ve just finished Parachute Infantry, and I really felt a connection to Webster. He was undoubtedly brave and did what his country asked of him, but damned if he was going to do one ounce more than he had to. His frustration with the chickenshit ways of the army, his self-admission to being the “worst shot in the company” really spoke to me, and he feels like someone I could relate to. Miniseries-wise, something about the scene between him and Liebgott in Why We Fight, when Liebgott makes a fuss about the fact that Webster hadn’t graduated from Harvard yet when he had allowed everyone to assume he had, and Webster’s response of “For one thing, I haven’t told you anything” felt very familiar to me. 

On a real life note, I remember reading in one of the E Company books that Major Winters didn’t even remember Webster. That really struck a chord with me. Some people just fail to stand out of the crowd, and can be easily forgotten. Especially when we’re surrounded by wonderful, fantastic, outstanding people. We can be competent, average people who do our jobs well, and yet be overshadowed and simply forgotten.  

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